Premier Campbell Newman
Premier Campbell Newman Chris Ison

Newman accuses Swan of budget cuts that affect hospital beds

THE possible loss of four beds in Queensland's specialist spinal injuries unit has resulted in finger pointing towards the Federal Government.

Premier Campbell Newman said Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan was the reason the Metro South health region had to lose $18.8 million from its budget, which could result in reducing spinal injury beds to 36 at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

"Yes, the State Government advised them there had been a reduction in funding but that came as a result of Mr Swan's cut of $103 million to the health system in Queensland," he told ABC Brisbane.

"We increased our funding by $817 million so overall the health system had more state funding resources but the things you are talking about are Mr Swan's actions.

"Mr Newman said $103 million was the equivalent of 1000 nursing jobs in this state but the hospital and health boards would do everything they could with the money they got.

"They will make sure there are enough spinal injury beds to look after Queenslanders, that I can guarantee," he said.

Spinal Injuries Association chief Bruce Milligan told ABC last week there was already a substantial waiting list of people from around the state who needed treatment in the unit.

"If you sustain a spinal cord injury and can't immediately get in to the Spinal Unit at the PA Hospital you end up in a regional hospital somewhere else in Queensland waiting," Mr Milligan said.