New facility ends residents' six-year wait

AFTER nearly six years, the Somerset town of Linville will finally have its own water treatment plant again.

A $2million plant will be constructed, replacing the existing plant that was forced to close after the 2013 floods put it out of action.

Since then, Linville's 400 or so residents have had their water supplied by tanker from the nearby Kilcoy Water Treatment Plant three times a day.

Natural Resources Minister Anthony Lynham said supplying water by tanker had always been an interim solution.

"In the long term it is more economical, reliable and effective to rebuild the Linville plant and ensure local water supply security well into the future," DrLynham said.

Linville Store owner Gail Rae said she was told by residents the water quality had actually improved since it had been carted in.

"I'm told the quality of the water before the floods was really poor. It wasn't drinkable at all," Ms Rae said.

She said the new plant had been a long time coming, leaving many locals wondering.

"It's been a bit of a quandary as to why it's gone on for so long," she said.

Construction is due to begin in July and is expected to take six months.