Rusty Mathews’ signs on Brisbane Rd in Booval.
Rusty Mathews’ signs on Brisbane Rd in Booval.

New signs erected as legal stoush continues

A FRESH batch of disparaging signs have been erected at a controversial Brisbane Rd property.

Russell Gordon Haig Mathews, of Booval, last appeared in court on September 22, defending charges from police that signs in his front yard were obscene.

The hearings were delayed until next year for the 69-year-old Mr Mathews to defend the matter.

A council spokesman could not verify if fresh legal proceedings would be taken against the latest signs.

"As this matter is before the courts, council cannot comment further," they said.

The council's legal action against Mr Mathews began earlier this year.

In early February, police alleged some signs contained a sexual connotation deemed to be obscene.

Mr Mathews said Ipswich City Council moves to remove the structures were an attack on his right to free speech.

Police searched Mr Mathews' home and confiscated his computer.

In August, Mr Mathews attempted to have the charges against him dismissed as he believed that they needed to be heard in a higher court.

The activist and serial litigant promotes his Haig Report website, which publishes unverified commentary on politicians and corruption.

As of June, the council has sought a court order to enter Mr Mathews' yard and remove what it claimed were illegal structures.

Deemed a "vexatious litigant" by the state, Mr Mathews has been cleared to legally defend himself by court-ordered mental health experts.