New shocking detail found in George Floyd's autopsy


The medical examiner's office in Minnesota has released its full, 20-page autopsy report on George Floyd's death.

His official cause of death is listed as "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restrain, and neck compression", which in plain english of course means the knee pressing into his neck resulted in cardiac arrest.

The examiner found Mr Floyd had a number of injuries, including "cutaneous blunt force injuries" on his forehead, face and upper lip, "mucosal injuries" inside his lips, "blunt force injuries" on his shoulders, hands, elbows and legs and "patterned contusions of the wrists", which were caused by handcuffs.

He suffered from three underlying conditions - severe "arteriosclerotic heart disease", "hypertensive heart disease" and an "incidental" tumour on the left side of his pelvis.

Mr Floyd had also contracted the coronavirus at some point. A nasal swab taken after his death tested positive for the disease, but he appears to have contracted it almost two months earlier.