The new QT: Your questions answered

GOT questions about the new Queensland Times format? We're here to help.

From today, the QT is an online-only publication, meaning there is no longer a print publication. 

This doesn't mean we're not here with all the latest and most important news for the region. 

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Where is the online version of the paper?

The online version of the QT was a digital reproduction, mirroring the print version. Because our print version ceased, our online version of it has also ended. 

We know readers value the digital paper, which is why we are working on bringing a new version of it back, but like all good things, it will take time to create. We'll have it ready to go within a fortnight.

In terms of bringing you all the latest news, our website at is loaded with all the best and latest content, as it happens and if you're a subscriber it's a simple matter of logging in.

Does this mean I am missing out on news?

No, it certainly doesn't. Our journalists are regularly uploading news to our website throughout the day.

The Courier Mail will also be printing news produced in Ipswich by the QT team, as well as a great range of state and national news. 

When will the new version of the digital paper go live?

The new digital paper will go live within a fortnight. 

Can I still access puzzles?

Yes! We know readers love these and don't want anyone to miss out. We are also the only local news outlet offering such a service. Go to to play. 

Who do I contact if I am having a subscriber trouble logging on to the website?

Sometimes there are technical issues, and sadly we can't help you with these at a local site level, but our subscriber services team are happy to hear from you.

You can call 1300 361 604 or email

Please note, with many people experiencing forgotten passwords etc as they head back online, there could be a wait on the phone. 

If you're not a subscriber, but wish to be, simply head to our website and click on any story, you'll be redirected to a link with subscription options.