New program to tackle modern bullying

Students in the Jordan Electorate will soon benefit from new specially targeted programs designed to keep them safe from the dangers and perils of cyber-bullying.

State Member, Charis Mullen has today announced Springfield Lakes State School would benefit from the $1 million program, which is backed by a partnership between the State Government, Dolly’s Dream and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

“Cyber-bullying is one of the biggest issues we face in society today,” she said.

“It’s vital that we teach our school communities about online behaviour, social media and the tools needed to tackle cyber-bullying.

“That’s exactly what these eSmart programs are all about.”

Ms Mullen said the partnership with Dolly’s Dream and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation was a key feature of the Queensland Government’s $3.5 million commitment to implement the recommendations of the Anti-cyber-bullying Task force.

“As part of these programs, schools are able to choose to roll out the eSmart Schools Framework, hold workshops for parents and teachers, and provide digital licences for individual students,” she said.

“It’s wonderful that Springfield Lakes State School was successful in its application for the framework, receiving a total value of up to $9,000 to implement the program.

“We’re doing everything we can to help stamp out this insidious problem and I know this program will greatly benefit the staff, students and parents of the local community.”

Ms Mullen said there were a number of cybersafety programs already in place across Queensland state schools.