New Op Shop here to help

A new Op Shop recently opened up on Bell Street with a mission to help those in need in Ipswich.

Proud Pitta Pitta and Kaytetye woman and Crossfire Op Shop on Bell Street’s program manager Louise De Busch said Crossfire Op Shop was in Ipswich to help people.

“Crossfire is actually a support service that is new to Ipswich,” she said.

“We have three parts of our services – firstly we have the Op Shop that just opened up and provides second hand clothing to the community.

“We also do food assist, where we provide food hampers to the community.

“And we also do the food/soup kitchen and being here on Bell Street right next to the transit centre makes it really accessible to the community.”

Ms De Busch said the lease was signed on the week restrictions were placed on businesses.

“We signed a lease for the shop on the week the restrictions came in and we couldn’t operate for two weeks,” she said.

After getting past the initial roadblock Ms De Busch said they’re glad to be open and working with the community.

“The feedback from the community and from returning clients has been amazing and everyone’s been very supportive.”

Louise’s mother Venus De Busch is Crossfire’s Co-ordinator and owner.

The proud Pitta Pitta and Kaytetye woman from Cloncurry said she always wanted to open up an Op Shop.

“In our culture, not only do we feed our family and extended families, but we feed a community, no matter if you’re black, white or brindle” she said.

“I have always wanted to run our own Op Shop, and now I did it.”

The Op Shop is a welcome addition to Ipswich after Lifeline in Raceview recently closed it’s doors for good.

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