New mine search for communities

COMMUNITIES will now be able to scour their region for mining interests, with the Queensland Government announcing a new Local Area Mining Permit viewing system.

Mines Minister Andrew Cripps told a forum on regional councils and the resources industry this LAMP report would be free to access and available through "a few clicks" on the state's Business and Industry website.

"Users can tailor their search for resource activity by local government boundary, an individual property using real property descriptions, or within 2km of a property in their area.

"The service will generate a user-friendly Local Area Mining Permit Report, including maps, showing all applications or granted permits for mining exploration, production or infrastructure tenure in the area.

"It will also highlight constrained land in the local area where resource activity may be limited, conditioned or prohibited.

"The report will be easy to understand and emailed to the user as soon as possible."

During his speech, Mr Cripps said he wanted to see the mining sector continue to strive but warned there would have to be restrictions on where operations could be developed, so as to protect the state's agricultural industry.T

>>> The LAMP search tool is available here.