The Boeing 777-9X aircraft, with the Boeing 777-8X in the background.
The Boeing 777-9X aircraft, with the Boeing 777-8X in the background. Boeing

New long-haul flight set to fly into Wellcamp Airport soon

A NEW Boeing 777 service could soon be operating from Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.

Speaking on Sky News Australia last night Wellcamp Airport boss John Wagner teased the new flight.

"We can take 747s, A380s and soon to be 777s actually in the not too distant future," Mr Wagner told host Paul Murray.

"We see us being a national logistics and freight hub and that will just create more work for Toowoomba."

The Boeing 777 is a long-haul plane usually used for international flights from Australia.

When asked by The Chronicle what this service would entail, Mr Wagner remained tight-lipped.

It's believed the service won't be a passenger flight.

Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport is currently serviced by one international freight service a week, Cathay Pacific's flight to Hong Kong.

It is not believed the new service would be operated by Cathay Pacific as they only use the Boeing 777 passenger model.

In November Cathay Pacific Regional Head of Cargo SWP Nigel Chynoweth said their freight service had grown since its introduction in 2016.

"We have seen year-on-year tonnage growth out of Toowoomba Wellcamp, and while we are not planning to change the frequency of our service, we regularly review the performance of all our routes to ensure we are capturing the demand that exists in the market," Mr Chynoweth said.

"We are pleased with the freighter from Wellcamp. We uplift weekly shipments of perishables, including chilled meat, produce and dairy and also oversize shipments of mining equipment, aircraft engines and artwork."