WATCH THIS SPACE: Brisbane Lions major projects manager Jake Anson at the Springfield training site.
WATCH THIS SPACE: Brisbane Lions major projects manager Jake Anson at the Springfield training site. Rob Williams

New Lions site to provide more than 1000 jobs

THE Brisbane Lions Football club has just announced more than 1000 jobs will soon be up for grabs as part of the development of its new Springfield sports and community events precinct.

At a time of massive job losses across the Ipswich region, the AFL club is shining a light on the future of residents in the western corridor with the opening of its The Reserve Community Arena at Springfield.

In an exclusive interview with the Springfield Daily Record, Brisbane Lions major projects manager, Jacob Anson said the building of the new site would create a variety of jobs in several different industries.

"The report we've done indicates we're going to have 242 jobs in the development phase and 785 jobs in the operating phase,” Mr Anson said.

"What's important with this development is that there is a spread of different jobs with high income to moderate income jobs and include work in health, construction, hospitality, construction and sporting services.

"The site will also house one of the offices for our major community partner, Multicultural Development Australia (MDA) and with the large catchment area from Logan through to Ipswich, will provide them with the opportunity to service more of their clients.

"There will also be an aquatic facility for the local community to access, cafes and medical clinics and obviously the AFL women's club will be a really big part of this development too.”

The project which is set to cost $70 million in total has already secured $40 million from Springfield Land Corporation ($18 million), Ipswich City Council ($12 million) and AFL and Brisbane Lions ($10 million).

Mr Anson said the club was looking to secure the remaining $30 million from both the State and Federal Governments and hoped to know the outcome of this later this month.

"As soon as we get an indication from the State Government that the funding commitment is forthcoming we can commence the earthwork component of the site,” Mr Anson said.

"We met with the Premier and her senior ministers in May and the discussions were very promising, so we are very hopeful we will hear something from them by the end of September.

"There's a pressing need to get a solution for the women's matches because at it stands the women can't access the Gabba for matches, yet they also have large crowds and are having to play at community fields with no seating or shade and inadequate toilets and catering.

"We want Queensland to have access to facilities that other states have access to and particularly to have that here in the western corridor which doesn't have any stadium or infrastructure so to speak.”

Once completed the site will be split into two components, with one side a community oval and the other side the stadium and other major facilities which can accommodate up to 10,000 spectators.

Greater Springfield residents can also look forward to a new multi-storey carpark which is predicted to ease the current parking woes experienced at Springfield Central Railway Station.

"There will be a new multi-storey car park constructed and if you count that carpark plus what we're going to construct, there will be at least another 1000 additional car parks built,” Mr Anson said.

"So the multi-storey carpark through the week will be servicing the needs of the local community and then most of our events will be Friday nights or Saturday afternoon or evening matches through the summer months for the women, so that's when we'll be using that space.

"I think it will match really well because the peak and demand periods are obviously during the commuter periods and we don't operate during those times, so it will just be the day to day operations of the facility.”

The new Brisbane Lions The Reserve Community Arena at Springfield will be located on Eden Station Drive, with construction of the buildings expected to be finished mid-2018 pending government funding.