GET AN APP: Layar is a first.
GET AN APP: Layar is a first. Contributed

New Layar app bridges media gap

BRIDGING the gap between technology and newspapers, a new app called Layar lets you see a different reality.

The technology, designed in Sweden, is being used for the first time in Big Rigs this edition.

Using an app, you gain access to exclusive content at the push of a button.

All you have to do is download the Layar app (search for Layar in the App store) then scan the Volvo advertisement on page 31 to open up new content that the eye can't see by itself.

8AM Advertising senior art director Mike Wells said this was the first time Layar had been used in an APN publication.

"Advertisers need to be brave," he said of the future technological landscape.

This technology was very "forward thinking" and a way to compete with people wanting to reach your clients, Mr Wells said.

Layar could offer another layer of depth to content and was an immediate connection as, once you scanned the page with Layar, the extra content instantly appeared, Mr Wells said.

But he said only relevant content would work.


How does it work? The page or advertisement is uploaded and the extra content is layered on the top.

Users scan the page with the app on their smart phone or tablet, which recognises the bits that have been enhanced and then loads the extra data.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Layar users are able to access video, website links and audio files on Layar-enhanced pages.

If you want to take advantage of this new feature, contact Big Rigs.