Gold colouring expected on high-end iPhone update, the new iPhone 5S
Gold colouring expected on high-end iPhone update, the new iPhone 5S

New iPhone will be gold, but 'think champagne, not ingot'

The latest product releases by Apple this September seem certain to include both a new high-end model (the updated 5S) and a budget option (possibly named the iPhone 5C). However, one rumour that refuses to go away is that a new colour options will also be offered: gold.

The idea of a gold option has caused quite a bit of upset, with many Apple-fans complaining that it would be too ostentatious for the brand's traditionally minimal design. However, multiple pieces of evidence have corroborated the claims, albeit with the caveat that the exact shading will be "elegant".

"Think champagne, not ingot," said a source speaking to tech blog AllThingsD.

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It was also noted by Apple rumour site iMore that gold is "among the easiest colors to anodize onto an iPhone." Anodizing is the process whereby aluminium alloys are tinted with various shades.

Incidentally, black is one of the hardest colours to apply in this way, which is why the latest iPhone comes in a 'Slate' shade, rather than the deeper black of previous models.

The new gold colouring is expected to be similarly muted, featuring a white face above and below the screen and gold colouring on the edges and backplate.

Whilst the updated high-end iPhone 5S will come in subtle colours it's expected that the cheaper, iPhone 5C model will be offered in more lively tones. It seems certain that the budget handset will have a plastic case, making it easier to offer in a range of colours.

Analysts believe that this handset will boost Apple's sales in developing markets such as China, where cheaper devices sell in greater quantities and colour options are seen as more of a draw for consumers.

Both devices are expected to be announced by Apple on September 10th.