Christine Milne
Christine Milne Contributed

New Greens policy aims to increase disaster prep spending

THE coal industry would fund most of a $350 million effort to prepare for floods, fires and cyclones, under an election proposal from The Greens.

Leader Senator Christine Milne released details of the minor party's new policy to up spending on preparation for natural disasters by $300 million.

A new levy of $2 per tonne of thermal coal exports - Queensland biggest export commodity - would fund the plan.

Senator Milne said the fund would help pay for new levees, permanent fire breaks, disaster warning systems and coastal protection works.

"It is time the coal industry started contributing to the cost of preparing for extreme weather and adapting to climate change," she said.

"Given that the current price of thermal coal is around $US90 per tonne a $2 a tonne levy is clearly affordable for the industry."

The election policy would likely need the support of one of the major parties to succeed.