Kerstin Harms and Maximilian Westermayer are opening Elderflower Cafe on July 14.
Kerstin Harms and Maximilian Westermayer are opening Elderflower Cafe on July 14.

New German-inspired cafe set to open its doors

A NEW German-inspired cafe will open its doors for the first time tomorrow.

It is owned by Kerstin Harms and Maximilian Westermayer, who decided to take the plunge and open a cafe for the first time.

Elderflower Cafe is located next to the North Tivoli Nursery on Mount Crosby Rd.

The space they are in has been vacant for about a year.

The German pair is confident of making it a success despite their inexperience and they have worked hard to get everything in order for the grand opening.

Mr Westermayer is the chef, as well as the partner of Mrs Harms' daughter, and both live in Mount Crosby.

"We've got everything in place," Mrs Harms said.

"It's very much a family business. We will need my husband and my daughter to help us. We hope we can also employ a couple of people (later on).

"It's probably going to be a bit challenging, but I'm confident we'll achieve it," Mr Westermayer said.

Mr Westermayer said they wanted to be known for "good and honest food".

"We don't want to be a German cafe but maybe (there is) a few influences from Germany and all around Europe," he said.

"We don't want it to be fine dining. We want to do it our way.

"We will try to have a daily or two day cycle changing lunch menu so we can always guarantee 100 per cent fresh so we don't have to have it in stock all the time.

"I think that will make things a bit more interesting, so if you came to our place yesterday, then you might be interested coming back the next day or two days later to see what's new."

Mrs Harms said they wanted to source products from as close to home as possible.

"We wanted to speak to quality instead of quantity," she said.

"Our coffee beans are from Australia.

"We will try to keep it as local and close to the area as possible. We are still in discussions where we will get the meat from.

"We want to try and keep the business local and also work together with locals."