Council staff ordered to hand over loose paperwork

IPSWICH City Council staff have been directed to hand over loose paperwork relating to the acquisition of memorabilia items by former councillors and staff.

Administrator Greg Chemello has asked staff to search records and flag documents which may require further investigation by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Mr Chemello told the QT public officials were obligated to notify the CCC if they reasonably suspect information they have may involve corrupt conduct.

"Following the recent conviction of former mayor Andrew Antoniolli for fraud for using a council community funding program to acquire items at auction, I reminded a number of staff who had regular contact with former mayors and councillors of the legal obligation," Mr Chemello said.

"Various staff members have subsequently provided information to council's internal audit regarding possible auction purchases by other former councillors."

Mr Chemello said the council's internal audit team was assessing information against the community grants approved by former councillors.

"Any evidence of community grants that may have been directly related to auction purchases, along the lines of the evidence presented in Mr Antoniolli's case, will be provided to the CCC in accordance with the legal obligation under the Crime and Corruption Act," he said.

Mr Chemello said the council would not comment on specific cases.

Antoniolli was found guilty of 12 counts of fraud and one attempted fraud relating to the acquisition of memorabilia items.

The court heard Antoniolli directed staff to amend paperwork to avoid mentioning the acquisition of memorabilia.

He will be sentenced in Ipswich on July 30.