Gymfinity Athletics and Arts opened a gymnastics club at Aura. Picture: Supplied
Gymfinity Athletics and Arts opened a gymnastics club at Aura. Picture: Supplied

New club trains next generation of professional gymnasts

A new gymnastics club at the southern end of town is growing in leaps and bounds with more than 50 students testing classes in its first week.

Professional gymnast Alicia McCall opened Gymfinity Athletics and Art last week.

The mother-of-two started gymnastics when she was just three.

By the time she was six she competed and progressed to an elite level in her teens.

Now Mrs McCall is training the next generation of gymnasts in the growing community of Aura.

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“We’ve only been open a week and we’re absolutely astounded with the amount of interest in the gym” she said.

“I found the amount of activities for young children in the area was sparse.

“There was a demand for a program that catered to younger children and a place for mums with little kids to gather and meet other mums.”

Mrs McCall competed nationally and internationally, representing Canada at the 2000 International Games when she was 16 years old.

She went on to teach high level gymnastics and tumbling with USA Gymnastics.

“I (also) spent many summers as a director at the world-renowned Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania, where I trained under Olympic and university coaches,” Mrs McCall said.

The new gymnastics club offers programs including ninja warrior classes.

Classes are designed for under 10s.

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The club will soon also offer music, art and yoga lessons for younger children.

“Gymnastics is one of the best activities you can do with a preschooler or a young child,” Mrs McCall said.

“(It) requires the use of the mind as well as the body.

“The left brain and right brain have to work in concert, so your child’s body awareness and spatial awareness improves with every lesson.”

Mrs McCall said gymnastics also teaches alignment skills including standing, walking and jumping which improves co-ordination and fine motor skills.