St. Shoebill owner Sam Lalson. Photo: Ebony Graveur
St. Shoebill owner Sam Lalson. Photo: Ebony Graveur

New cafe hunting for staff after massive first two weeks

TWO weeks since opening its doors, Ipswich’s newest coffee shop is already a hit among those serious about their cup-a-joe.

Though he’s worked almost non-stop since well before it launched, St. Shoebill owner Sam Lalson has already seen the fruits of his labour begin to bloom.

“It has been hectic every single day. And I’m not complaining, it’s great,” Sam said.

“It’s probably double (as popular) as what we initially expected and the feedback from the locals makes us think we’re going to be able to sustain that.”

Filling the space Fourthchild cafe used to occupy at 126 Brisbane St, St. Shoebill joins more than 20 cafes in the Ipswich CBD but, according to Sam, it’s the first venue to offer specialty coffee.

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“We’re doing everything specialty, so we have a different offering that we haven’t seen in Ipswich,” Sam said.

Batch brew, cold brew, filter and espresso are on offer, with a selection of dairy and non-dairy milks.

In the lead up to the cafe’s launch, Sam told the Queensland Times the goal was to serve up the city’s best coffee.

St. Shoebill owner Sam Lalson. Photo: Ebony Graveur
St. Shoebill owner Sam Lalson. Photo: Ebony Graveur

Post-launch, the plan stands.

“We have the vision and focus as owners to succeed and, obviously we’re passionate and do want to be number one,” he said.

“We’re very competitive and want to be the best.”

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After deciding the open a specialty coffee shop, Sam refused to compromise on the venue and waited to find the perfect space.

He said customers had already commented on the cafe’s atmosphere.

“They’re talking about the vibe, the energy and the fit out, saying they feel it’s somewhere they can relax,” he said.

Already employing a team of seven, Sam is eager to bring on more staff.

“We definitely need more, especially more who are experienced baristas,” he said.

With Christmas approaching, gift hampers filled with chocolates, tea, coffee and other goodies will be on offer as part of the cafe’s hand-picked retail selection.

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