Border Force has released a photo of one of the child-like sex dolls confiscated before it reached a suspected paedophile trying to smuggle it in.
Border Force has released a photo of one of the child-like sex dolls confiscated before it reached a suspected paedophile trying to smuggle it in.

Crackdown on vile 'child sex dolls' coming into Australia

More than a dozen childlike sex dolls being smuggled into Australia have been seized at the border in just two months.

It follows a national crackdown against paedophiles trying to bring in the lifelike dolls from China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Both the state and federal governments banned the dolls this year - and anyone caught with one faces a maximum 15-year jail term.

Australian Border Force officials have intensified their focus to prevent the illegal items from being smuggled into the country.

Of more than 167 childlike sex dolls stopped at the border from mid-2013 to mid-2019, 61 were confiscated in the past 18 months alone.

Thirty-two have been seized since July, including 13 in a six-week blitz from November 1 to December 11.

Predators overwhelmingly tried to smuggle the dolls in via New South Wales, with 24 stopped at the border since July. One was stopped in SA in November, while another two were seized in Victoria and five were detected in Western Australia.

The ABF has, for the first time, today released a photo of one of the confiscated dolls as authorities warn anyone trying to import the heinous product will face serious penalties.

A confiscated child-like sex doll.
A confiscated child-like sex doll.

"If anyone for any reason in their weird world thinks it's worth the risk to import a childlike sex doll, you'll be getting a knock on the door ... you'll be getting arrested and you'll be getting prosecuted," federal Assistant Minister for Customs and Community Safety Jason Wood said.

He also warned offenders they would be added to the child sex offender register.

Mr Wood dismissed claims the realistic dolls were not linked to paedophilia.

"(Authorities are) finding the majority of times that they're getting these imports of childlike sex dolls, when they're going further in their investigation, they're uncovering other forms the offender is involved in of child abuse material," he said.

Under state laws introduced this year, anyone producing, selling or possessing the lifelike dolls can face up to 10 years' jail.

Federal laws introduced in September go even further and contain penalties of up to 15 years' jail for possession.

While Commonwealth law bans the dolls across Australia, Mr Wood has also called on every state to follow SA's lead and introduce their own laws to help prompt further local police crackdowns.

The latest ABF import figures show the dolls are just a fraction of the "objectionable" material being confiscated from travellers or being imported by post.

Several hundred books, films, computer games, images on mobile phones and other goods that feature child exploitation material, terrorist images or other "revolting or abhorrent phenomena" have been seized at the border in 18 months.

*For 24-hour sexual violence support call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or MensLine on 1800 600 636.