REFRESHING TASTE: Linville Hotel publicans Leah Squire, with Paul Squire.
REFRESHING TASTE: Linville Hotel publicans Leah Squire, with Paul Squire. Contributed

Cheers! Beer sells out but there's more brewing

BEER drinkers in Linville have reason to be excited with the launch of the Linville Hotel's very own lager.

Linville Lager, "a good old-fashioned beer", as the hotel's owners put it, first filled pots and schooners at the newly-refurbished pub last week.

Owners Leah and Paul Squire took on the hotel less than a month ago and are tracking full steam ahead, with the arrival of their official beer - just one of the new treats on offer.

The duo dipped their toe into the beer adventure, easing into it with a single trial keg, which could fill between 130 and 160 glasses.

"Our first keg sold out in two days," Mrs Squire said.

"We were asking everybody what they thought and put it out there for people to purchase - everybody loves it."

From Tuesday, the pair will offer patrons not only more of the popular mid-strength lager but a full-strength draught to complement it.

"We wanted a beer that was really good for our hot summers, particularly people who are coming off the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail who are boiling hot and want to experience something unique in Linville," she said.

The Linville Lager came about as a collaborative effort between Mr and Mrs Squire and Australian Brewing Company.

"We sought out different brewers we really liked and found the flavour was great," Mrs Squire said.

"Great for our climate, really fresh, cold, traditional-tasting... Not a craft beer but a good Queensland beer."

Mrs Squire said the beer was shaping up to be a crowd-pleaser.

"We think it's a very unique pub here, being it's so remote so we want to have a unique experience for people," she said.

"If they live here, they can be proud they have their own local brew."