WHEN Team RSCPA Gladstone announced its shock closure, animal lover Kat Baldwin said she knew she had to do something.

Ms Baldwin said it's why she began Pound Rescue Inc. Gladstone; a group focused on keeping animals off death row

"I was thinking there was going to be a lot more dogs that are going to need to be taken on," Ms Baldwin said.

Ms Baldwin said the group's mission was to care for and to provide temporary and indefinite shelter for homeless and abandoned animals by promoting and sponsoring animal welfare education, adoptions, veterinary care and a mandatory spay/neuter program.

With 10 years of rescue experience, Ms Baldwin decided to make a Gladstone branch of the larger charity group.

She said the group had the ability to send rescue animals outside of Gladstone.

"Two dogs that were saved from the Rockhampton pound last week, one's gone to the ACT and one's gone to Perth," Ms Baldwin said.

"We have the ability to send them wherever we can so they don't get put to sleep."

Ms Baldwin said the organisation has a strict "no-kill policy".

She said often other groups would not invest in animals with diseases like parvovirus or aggressive animals.

"We want to put them into training programs or spend the time and money and put them on the drip at the vet and try and give them a fighting chance with parvo or any other disease," Ms Baldwin said.

"We're not so much people who are just wanting to surrender and don't have time for their dogs any more, but ones that are actually on death row at the pound and have no other option."

The group began work last week and has already taken on five animals.

Ms Baldwin said she was now looking for volunteers to help run the organisation and foster animals.

To volunteer or become a fosterer visit the Pound Rescue Inc. Gladstone Facebook page.