New and improved weather forecasting tool a game-changer

FARMERS are the big winners in the Bureau of Meteorology's upgrade to its online climate outlook tool.

BoM has improved the tools resolution and graphics but the major improvement is the new weekly forecasts which are now available.

Previously, farmers and others were only able to access forecast outlooks for the upcoming month and three months ahead but now due to the upgrade, farmers can access weekly outlooks across the month.

The new outlook information for the weeks ahead features how much above or below average temperatures are likely to be in regions across the country, and the likelihood of different rainfall totals.

Acting Senior Climatologist Jonathan Pollock said these upgrades will enable farmers to make better, more accurate planning decisions for their crops.

"It's for people to use to help their decision making … by giving them high quality information so they're getting forecasts more often, they're more accurate and more localised to their area and it's available in more formats.

"A few years ago, the resolution we were looking at was so coarse that it didn't even have a spot for Tasmania but now the resolution is a lot higher so we can give people more local information," Mr Pollock said.

The information will help enable local farmers make better informed decisions regarding their crop management.

The climate outlook can be reached here: