The ongoing dispute between JBS Dinmore and workers continues.
The ongoing dispute between JBS Dinmore and workers continues. Inga Williams

Neumann vows to back JBS workers

AS JBS workers continue to struggle with reduced shifts, Shayne Neumann, Federal MP for Blair, said he has arranged to meet with JBS management, before meeting with government ministers.

Mr Neumann, who is in Canberra for sittings of federal parliament, said he would not be asking Employment Minister Michaelia Cash to intervene in the dispute.

"The Coalition Government has only ever shown a dismissive attitude towards workers and workers' rights," Mr Neumann said

"It is in the interests of the workers to keep the Coalition Government away from the bargaining process."

With many of the shift cuts blamed on a lack of cattle, because of increases in live cattle exports, Mr Neumann said he would be approaching Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce to discuss capping live export numbers.

"Meantime, I have brought the Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations to a meeting with the AMIEU and workers.

"I have arranged a meeting with the Shadow Minister for Agriculture and JBS management in the next few weeks. My colleagues and I will be able to bring pressure on this Government in order to get the best possible outcomes."

Mr Neumann said the situation at JBS has been ongoing 'for a long time', covering a range of complex issues.

"The issues are more complex than the EBA negotiations. I am urging all parties to sit down and sort out this EBA and come to an agreement as soon as possible."

Despite this, Mr Neumann said there are no 'quick fixes' to this situation, due to 'layers of inter-related issues'.

"It is my hope that we can provide some suitable outcomes for the management of JBS and they in turn will provide good outcomes for their workers."