Netball star Laura Geitz with baby son Barney. Picture: Peter Wallis
Netball star Laura Geitz with baby son Barney. Picture: Peter Wallis

Netball star Laura Geitz says mothers are her heroes

GROWING up on her family's Allora farm on the Darling Downs, Laura Geitz worshipped Olympic runner Cathy Freeman.

But the netball star has new heroes now - every woman who is a mother.

As long as she can remember, the 29-year-old harboured dreams of becoming a mum. Today, she celebrates Mother's Day with the people she idolises.

Geitz and husband Mark Gilbride welcomed Barney Ross Gilbride into the world on February 25.

The former Queensland Firebirds and Australian Diamonds captain is relishing her new role in the hardest but "best job ever".

"I remember recently seeing a mother with a newborn in a Baby Bjorn and a toddler while also pushing a pram across a pedestrian crossing and I thought what an absolute superstar she was,'' Geitz told The Sunday Mail.

"I look at every woman now who has had a child and I think what absolute superstars they are.

"I don't know how people have more than one child. They are amazing.''

Barney's middle name, Ross, is a tribute to Geitz's late father, who died in a farm accident in 2013.

Geitz hopes Barney can emulate his values, saying she will "make him aware of what Dad stood for as a person''.

She said sleep deprivation was the biggest shock following Barney's birth while the drive home from hospital was the most nervous time as a new parent.

Finding time to hang out a load of laundry uninterrupted has also become a triumph.

"The first eight weeks your world is turned upside down.

"You don't know if you are doing the right or wrong things but you are so in love with this little human you have brought home,'' she said.

"You question yourself a lot. Nothing is in your control which is difficult when you've led a very structured and probably selfish lifestyle being an athlete.

"(But) his personality is coming through and it's a wonderful time. I just love being a mother."