Jason Donovan has revealed he was once stoned while filming an episode of Neighbours.

The reformed drug addict secretly smoked marijuana on the set of the soap during a break in filming.

Donovan, who played Scott Robinson, snuck round the back of Lassisters, the soap's fictional hotel, to light up with co-star David Clencie, The Sun reports.

But Donovan was caught out when he was suddenly called to appear in a scene.

The 52-year-old revealed: "One afternoon, when I had finished all my scenes for the day, David asked me whether I wanted to share a joint with him.

"I'd never smoked at work before but this was all too tempting."

Jason Donovan in 1987.
Jason Donovan in 1987.


Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.
Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.

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"We were sitting on the ground, smoking, laughing and getting progressively more stoned, when I suddenly heard my name called. I was wanted on set! There had been a change to the schedule.

"Having stubbed out my doobie, cleaned my teeth in the make-up room, put eye drops into my eyes and dusted myself down, I went back onto set.

"I tried to act as normally as possible, but it was an absolute disaster.

"My head was a complete fog, my mouth was dry, my eyes were so pinned they looked like p***holes in the snow, I couldn't remember any of my lines and I kept banging into people."

Writing about the incident is his memoir, My Story Uncut, Donovan said: "After that I made a decision - never ever mix drugs with work again."

The actor has been open about his drug addiction in the past.

He turned to cocaine when he tried to rebel against the clean-cut image he obtained while in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.



Jason and Angela.
Jason and Angela.

It wasn't until Donovan met his wife Angela Malloch and she gave him an ultimatum when falling pregnant with their first child in 2000, that he ditched the drugs.


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