An officer investigating at the Nebo Road unit block where a man died with stab wounds.
An officer investigating at the Nebo Road unit block where a man died with stab wounds. Tony Martin

Neighbours heard 'put the knife down' before death: court

NEIGHBOURS at a West Mackay unit complex said they saw two people fighting before a 49-year-old man was fatally stabbed in 2014.

Six people who lived at the Nebo Rd complex testified at 53-year-old Leslie James Walker's committal hearing in Mackay Magistrates Court this morning.

Walker is charged with murdering Gregory John Cash on the night of November 8, 2014. He has not entered a plea.

On cross-examination by defence barrister Lars Falcongreen, complex resident Richard Scott testified that on the evening, just as it was getting dark, he had seen Mr Cash banging forcefully on Walker's door.

He said Walker had told the man to "clear off" two or three times from inside the unit.

Mr Scott said Walker had then walked outside to meet Mr Cash and the two had started "punching on".

Mr Scott said he'd seen Mr Cash several times at the complex, and testified that a few days previously the man had shown him a 4-6 inch pen knife that he had said he kept on himself for "protection".

Former complex resident Shelisher Dickman testified that she'd seen Walker and a "bigger fella" fighting when she walked past Walker's unit on her way home with her daughter and partner. She said she'd seen Walker "flicking" what appeared to be a towel at the man.

Three other residents testified that they'd seen Walker flicking a towel, bag or mat at a man.

When Mr Falcongreen asked Ms Dickman if the "big fella" appeared to be "aggressively" advancing towards Walker, she said yes.

Ms Dickman said she'd recognised Walker as her neighbour and the bigger man as someone who had visited the complex "a couple of times", visiting people other than Walker.

She said that after the altercation Walker had come to her with a bleeding hand and told her it had been cut by a knife.

Witness Stephen Quarrell said he'd heard an altercation at his neighbour's house while he was sitting on his patio.

He said he had heard a man with a deep voice yell "put the (expletive) knife down", and repeat words to that effect several times.

Mr Quarrell said he then heard "thumps" that sounded like a person hitting another person.

About a minute after he heard sounds, he said he saw a man with a slim build walking outside the unit.

None of the witnesses said they'd seen a knife or weapon on Walker or Mr Cash.

Mr Falcongreen consented to the matter going to trial, and Magistrate Damien Dwyer ordered that a trial date be set for the next available Supreme Court criminal sittings.