Peter Adamcik walking from the Southport Courthouse. The 50-year-old avoided jail time because of a speech impediment.
Peter Adamcik walking from the Southport Courthouse. The 50-year-old avoided jail time because of a speech impediment.

Bizarre reason slasher avoids jail time

A GOLD Coast man who slashed a man with a Stanley knife during a neighbourhood fight has used a speech impediment to avoid time behind bars.

Peter Adamcik, 50, pleaded guilty to wounding in the Southport District Court today.

The court was told he slashed a man down the middle of his abdomen causing a cut which ran from below his nipple to just below his navel in March 2016.

The court was told Adamcik, an unemployed musician and computer repairman, arrived home after learning a female friend was involved in an ongoing dispute with a neighbour at the day of the wounding.

The victim said words to the effect of "mate, f*** off, it's got nothing to do with you" when Adamcik approached.

He pushed Adamcik before throwing a punch at him.

Adamcik responded by pulling a Stanley knife from his pocket and slashing at the man's head which caused a superficial cut to his chin.

Adamcik then sliced the man the down front of his abdomen.

Crown prosecutor Stephanie Gallagher said the wound was treated with at least 38 stitches.

Ms Gallagher said while the victim lashed out first Adamcik's response was disproportionate.

Defence barrister James McNab told the court Adamcik was not carrying the knife in preparation for a fight.

He said he had used the Stanley knife earlier in the day to open a package and slipped it into his pocket.

Mr McNab said Adamcik had a speech impediment and submitted a medical report which stated he would be vulnerable in custody.

"He is extremely remorseful, he has lead a blameless life before this," Mr McNab said.

Following his arrest, Adamcik had teeth broken after he refused to give a DNA sample to watch house staff.

The teeth broke when Adamcik's head was slammed into the ground as watch house staff obtained a sample by force, the court was told.

Judge David Kent QC said Adamcik had inflicted a severe wound and the Stanley knife was in Adamcik's pocket for innocent purposes.

Judge Kent noted prison was not supposed to be pleasant but said Adamcik would be more vulnerable in custody than the average population.

Adamcik was given a 12 month intensive correctional order, which is time served in the community under intensive supervision of authorities.