Leith and Britta Atterton
Leith and Britta Atterton Rob Williams

NDIS responds to family's cry for help with autistic son

THE National Disability Insurance Agency has acknowledged it has more work to do after a mother refused to take her autistic and violent son home from hospital.

This week Leith Atterton spoke out after her pleas for help to manage her 17-year-old son, Devlan Prantl, went unanswered.

Devlan suffers autism and would often violently assault his mother and big sister, Britta.

Efforts to seek treatment for Devlan were largely fruitless.

She said no single support service was to blame, but expected more from the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

"It was just passing him from place to place," she said.

In desperation, she signed over his accommodation to child safety to get a facility and one-on-one carer that could take him.

"Your hand was forced as where he'll go and what he does," she said.

Devlan is staying at a facility in Toowoomba, with no service available in Ipswich to provide 24/7 care for him.

A spokeswoman for the National Disability Insurance Agency said the organisation was "working with Devlan's family and other services to ensure the appropriate supports are in place".

"For privacy reasons it is not appropriate to comment further," she said.

"Where participants or their parents/carers believe a decision a made by the NDIA about them is wrong, they are encouraged to contact their local area coordinator to discuss their concern."

The NDIS became available in the region in May 2017.

When it is fully rolled out in 2019-2020, market statements indicate the number of NDIS participants in the Ipswich region will double to about 8000 people, with funding to almost triple to $360<TH>million.

"While results show that 83 per cent of surveyed participants rated their planning experience either good or very good, we acknowledge this hasn't been the experience of everyone and recognise the need to continually improve," the spokeswoman said.