NBN option 'not constitutional'

LETTER TO THE EDITOR   Being forced to accept NBN or have no internet or phone is not constitutional.   I have not had no working phone line for weeks I am not sure as I use the phone infrequently.   NBN said that they only supply the service and one has to see the supplier.   My server said that they checked the line and that everything is working perfectly.   My internet is working, but if I need an ambulance urgently, I will be dead before I can get any help.   My supplier's home page is only for people who have a mobile phone, I don't.   I am over 80 and live alone.   I am not well enough to walk in an attempt to find someone in the neighbourhood to get assistance.   With NBN my line comes from a box on the footpath which frequently fills with water and shorts out my line.   My line is over 50 years old owned by Telstra which is quite out of date.   I had an overhead line supplied by Optus which gave no problem.   I not happy with buying a mobile because my eyesight and steadiness of hand has a lot to be desired.   Are they trying to force me out of my home?   Raymond Linsket