NBN Co rejects reports of delays, budget blow-out

THE National Broadband Network has rejected reports it is behind schedule and over budget.

An internal NBN Co report leaked to media yesterday showed the company had only completed the design of 662,665 individual projects - 750,000 short of the 1.4 million due now.

The internal report also referred to an increase in connection costs for homes under the network, rising 22% to $1366 from the original target of $1114.

But NBN Co rejected the claims, saying it had "met or exceeded every target for six quarters in a row".

It also said it was on track to achieve its target of 2.6 million homes "ready for service", one million homes using the network and revenue of $300 million.

Labor frontbencher Jason Clare warned he believed the cost of the network had doubled and the time it would take to build could almost double.

The company said more than 800,000 homes were using the network and up to 1.8 million homes could order a service.