Sorry, how much sport is on?
Sorry, how much sport is on?

NBA start sparks insane sports bonanza

The start of the NBA season will tip off one of sport's great events - the US sports equinox.

It's a magical time of year when all four of America's big sports - the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL - are all on at the same time.

It's the pointy end of the baseball season, the NFL is approaching its midway point, the NHL is just warming up and the highly-anticipated NBA season is set to explode.


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Since 1971, there have just been 14 years with the rare event of all four competitions playing at least one game on the same day.

Long seasons and adjustments to schedules have made the period more common in recent years, but Monday could see the sporting event that has only been seen 21 times before in sporting history.

Should the MLB World Series between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals go to five games, Monday will have all four sports playing on the same day. As well as a potential baseball clincher, NBA games, NHL games and NFL games are available live on ESPN on Kayo.

Both season-opening NBA games - a blockbuster double-header featuring the defending champion Toronto Raptors and the New Orleans Pelicans from 11am (AEDT) and a star-studded LA derby - can be streamed live.

And on Sunday, October 27, Kayo will feature three of the codes on the same day, with game four of the MLB World Series, the Boston Bruins and St Louis Blues facing off in the NHL and the Phoenix Suns and LA Clippers in action in the NBA.

American born Sydney Kings star Kevin Lisch said the glut of sport gives all sports people a boost, especially with the NBL season having just started as well.

"It's so good to have (the equinox)," Lisch said. "It only happens one time a year and living in Australia now, which I absolutely love, there are a couple of things you miss from back home which is your family and the sports over there. This gives people like myself and Australians who absolutely love US sports an opportunity to get around it all."

Get excited.
Get excited.

Fox Sports presenter Hannah Hollis said it's already been a massive year for Aussie sports fans but added it's a special time of year.

"I feel like we have our own version (of the equinox) and we're pretty lucky because for most of the year we have such an array of sports to pick from whereas in the states, it really is determined and governed by season," she said. "Particularly in a World Cup year, there is so much for Aussies to look forward to and everyone gets behind it with the likes of the Wallabies making it to the quarters, so it's been really great."

Hollis, who will move from NRL to WNBA coverage during the summer, was even able to be part of the equinox in the past and made sure she made it to all four sports on one trip.

"It was so epic to be part of that because it feels like a bit of a unicorn time," she said. "I really fell in love with the ice hockey over there, we went to New Jersey and watched the Devils play, they are really struggling but we like to keep a bit of a close eye on it over there. It's so fun and it's rough and it's brutal which I like because it's similar to league even though they're all padded but there is no way I'm getting near one of those pucks, they are flying.

"And of course going to the NBA, we went to Madison Square Garden and just took it all in and watched Kevin Durant absolutely light it up."

Sports wants you!
Sports wants you!

With many of the games being played at similar times, Kayo fans won't miss a minute with SplitView enabling them to stream up to four events at once.

NBA fans will be able to watch an average of seven live regular season games per week via ESPN on Kayo, as well as All-Star Weekend, the best of the NBA Playoffs and every game of the NBA Finals live.

Kayo's on demand coverage of the 2019/20 NBA season means fans can catch up on the action anywhere up to 72 hours after the game has finished.

As for both Hollis and Lisch's tips for the season, both picked the Houston Astros for the World Series, the New England Patriots to go for Tom Brady's seventh Super Bowl ring and Kawhi Leonard to lead the LA Clippers to a title.

In the NHL, Hollis thinks the Washington Capitals will go for two wins in three years, while Lisch is backing his side, the St Louis Blues, to go back-to-back.



9:30am: MLB - World Series Game 1 - Houston Astros vs Washington Nationals

10:00am: NBA - Toronto Raptors vs New Orleans Pelicans

12:30pm: NBA - LA Lakers vs LA Clippers


9:00am: NBA - Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics

10:00am: MLB - World Series Game 2 - Houston Astros vs Washington Nationals

12:05pm: NBA - Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets


10:00am: NBA - Houston Rockets vs Milwaukee Bucks

10:15am: NFL - Minnesota Vikings vs Washington Redskins

12:30pm: NBA - Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers


9:30am: MLB - World Series Game 3 - Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros

10:00am: NBA - New Orleans Pelicans vs Dallas Mavericks

12:35pm: NBA - LA Lakers vs Utah Jazz


9:00am: NHL - Boston Bruins vs St Louis Blues

10:00am: MLB - World Series Game 4 - Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros

12:00pm: NBA - Phoenix Suns vs LA Clippers


6:30am: NFL - New England Patriots vs Cleveland Browns

7:00am: NHL - Detroit Red Wings vs St Louis Blues

10:00am: MLB (if required): World Series Game 5 - Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros

10:15am: NFL - Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers


10:00am: NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Miami Dolphins

12:00pm: NHL - Vancouver Canucks vs Florida Panthers


9:00am: MLB - If required: World Series Game 6 - Houston Astros vs Washington Nationals