It got a bit heated at Barclays.
It got a bit heated at Barclays.

Wild NBA brawl falls into stands

It was pandamoneum in Brooklyn for Game 4 as the Nets and the Sixers fell into the stands in an ugly third-quarter brawl at Barclays Center.

The Sixers were down 61-67 when Joel Embiid caught Jarrett Allen with a hard foul at the net. What followed was chaos.

Nets star Jared Dudley ran in from beyond the paint to shove the 24-year-old. Philly star Jimmy Butler returned the favor by shoving Dudley, sparking an all-in brawl

Philadelphia guard and Aussie Ben Simmons ended up pushing Dudley down in the crowd as both teams circled around. While no punches were thrown, the damage of a dozen blokes over 6'3 throwing their weight around was felt by the courtside fans caught in the mess.

Chaos descended on Barclays Center for Game 4.
Chaos descended on Barclays Center for Game 4.

But in all the madness, arguably the worst-off from the spat was the poor Brooklyn coach who appeared to take a spill while rushing to the madness.

After officials simmered the scuffle, Dudley and Butler were both ejected and Embiid was given a Flagrant 1 foul for his initial move on Allen.

The spat followed a river of bad blood which has been brewing this series. Dudley made headlines after labelling Simmons "average" in game three, which the Sixers claimed to take a 2-1 lead into today's clash.

The Sixers were able to pull it together despite losing Butler for the match, scraping back the score to a tense 100-101 with three minutes on the clock.



Embiid was particularly on fire for the visitors, racking up 14 rebounds, five assists and sinking 31 points deep into the final quarter.

A stunning three-pointer from JJ Reddick, followed by two from Tobias Harris, brought Philly to a tense one-point lead with a minute to go.

The home side snuck back ahead, but the win wasn't to be as Mike Scott brought the series to 3-1.

The calm and collected star shut out the universe in the corner and shot a perfect three to put Philly two ahead to seal the deal and go home victorious.

Simmons's biggest play came with five seconds to go and the 76ers up 110-108. The Australian stripped the ball from Allento halt the Nets from evening the score or hitting a three-point game winner.

Embiid accused Dudley of trying to spark a spat so the Sixers would be down a player.

"First of all, he's a nobody. When they try to do stuff like that, it's just to get us out of the game. I'm too valuable for our team, that's why I didn't react," he said. "In that situation I've just got to stay composed and mature. My teammates need me more than they need him."