Matt Hodgson is relaxed about his basketball future.
Matt Hodgson is relaxed about his basketball future. Rob Williams

NBA offer fine but Matt happy to be best he can

ALTHOUGH he's been touted as an NBA prospect, Matt Hodgson answers the suggestion with a new sense of calm.

"If I have the opportunity to go into (an NBA) camp, I'd do it and if something came of it, that's cool,'' he said.

"But for me, I'm just happy to really enjoy my basketball.

"There were so many years when I was in college at the start of my professional career where it just wasn't fun because it was such a grind to sort of make a name for myself.

"But now that I have a little bit more security and stuff, I'm just really enjoying it.

"I just want to be the best that I can be and whether that's good enough to go somewhere else or stay here, I'm actually not really too concerned.''

However, he's thrilled to see one of Australia's best exports Andrew Bogut rejoining the Golden State Warriors after his latest NBL stint with the Sydney Kings.

"It's awesome for him and it's great for the NBL as well to create a pathway for the guys there,'' Hodgson said.

"He's got such a different and such an amazing resume that a lot of players don't have. If he wanted to, he'd still be playing in the NBA right now.

"His decision to come back to the NBL and help get the league on a bigger scale, it's pretty good of him to do that.''

Hodgson said that had a flow-on effect in the NBA.

"Over the last couple of years, the quality of the imports has improved and that's then forced the Australians to get better . . . so the quality of the local talent has increased as well,'' he said.

"And you've got marquee signings. We've had a lot of ex-NBA players come to Australia.''

Hodgson said former Aussie players in the NBA like Luc Longley, Andrew Gaze, Chris Anstey and Patty Mills also contributed to the increased profile of the sport in Australia.

"They set the pathway, made it a lot easier for the guys now to do it,'' he said. "And it's good to see when guys are going over there, they are making the most of their opportunities and doing really well over there.''