Twelve families joined the Springfield Lakes Nature Care Group to plant trees this mothers day.
Twelve families joined the Springfield Lakes Nature Care Group to plant trees this mothers day.

Nature group finalists in two state awards

A LOCAL environmental group established last year has been nominated for two state awards.

Healthy Land and Water has announced 27 finalists across 10 categories for their annual environmental awards.

Springfield Lakes Nature Care Group is a finalist in the Environmental Guardian category for their Humans as Apex Predators project and president of the group Luise Manning is a finalist for the volunteer of the year.

"I really didn't expect to be a finalist, but I thought the group deserved to be a finalist,” Mrs Manning said.

"All the members are proud of our little section of White Rock Spring Mountain conservation estate and our lakes that we want to improve, for the community and for the wildlife too.”

The Humans as Apex Predators project was aimed at reducing the numbers of cane toads breeding in sediment ponds adjacent to a habitat for several species of native frogs.

Last year the group hosted a toad catching workshop with Ecologist Kay Montgomery.

Together with Springfield Lakes Scouts and several residents, they humanely captured and euthanised 304 adult cane toads and over 1000 toadlets.

They then sent the dead toads' toxin glands, to the University of Queensland to manufacture Buffo Tab bait tablets, which were then used to entice and catch cane toad tadpoles found in Spring and Regatta Lakes into a trap.

By the end of March 2018, nearly 1000 adult cane toads had been caught.

Group president Luise Manning was nominated for setting up the land and water care group and organising some of the environmental events in 2017.

With the help of a committee, she has been able to start a Trees For Mum event to beautify a local parkland and create habitat for birdlife.

"We are so lucky we have this right on our back door,” Mrs Manning said.

"It doesn't take too much effort to care for the environment.

"Just put stuff in the bin, don't dump rubbish or throw garden clippings or unwanted plants into the conservation estate and help injured animals if you see them.

"Plant a native tree or shrub to help birds and don't put unwanted fish especially Tilapia or Goldfish or empty fish tanks into our lakes, the goldfish end up becoming carp and eat native fish too.

"Give them away or take them to RSPCA if you can't find a home.”

The winners of the 10 Award categories, will be announced at a Gala Dinner on Friday July 27.

The winners of each category will be in the running to win $10,000.