National Day perfect time for reflection


What will become of our nation, citizens and traditions, in a past year which has seen 300 million die globally of an insidious virus, morphing into a more vicious historical pandemic?

It is a year where democracies have failed, nations divided against themselves, 60 million refugees on the move to a safe haven from war, poverty and famine.

Will another Australia Day unite us, as we struggle to come out of one of the deadliest, most challenging years as a nation, faring better than our neighbours?
January 26 is our Day to reflect on how blessed we are to be an island, with wide open spaces, wide open hearts and arms, to welcome those escaping the ravages of failing nations, as new citizens. Looking forward, not back.

We are all new Australians, in an ancient "Great Southern Land", where its first nations, its custodians, share the same dreams of security, prosperity and united: "One and free".