Australia to honour MH17 victims with day of mourning

A NATIONAL day of mourning will be held for the families and victims of the MH17 disaster next Thursday in Melbourne.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, still battling to bring the bodies of the 38 Australians and residents home, announced the Memorial Day on Thursday.

The disaster claimed the lives of all 298 people on board, and more than 200 Australian officers are already abroad as part of efforts to bring the bodies of victims home.

Mr Abbott said on the day, flags on every government building in Australia and overseas would be flown at half-mast to commemorate the lives of those lost.

The multi-denominational memorial will start at 10.30am at St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne.

Those wanting to attend the service should call (02) 6271 5991 or (02) 6271 5209 or email before noon next Wednesday.