Richard Morrison, Headmaster/CEO of Ipswich Grammar School.
Richard Morrison, Headmaster/CEO of Ipswich Grammar School. Cordell Richardson

NAPLAN: Ipswich's top performing schools revealed

FIVE Ipswich schools are batting well above the national average, achieving substantially above average gains in NAPLAN areas.

Ipswich Grammar School have been recognised for its gains in reading in the Year 3-5 cohort.

Headmaster Richard Morrison said the results, released today, indicate the school is succeeding in its mission to educate young men.

"We're pretty encouraged by it, in the area of education you look for multiple indicators that you're on the right track," he said.

"Certainly we've had very strong parent affirmation of what we're doing in the junior school and very encouraging OP data from what we're doing in the senior school.

"We'll be one of a select group of schools that have demonstrated a substantially above average gain in NAPLAN. It's a pretty rarefied atmosphere."

The full report, released on My School this morning, shows school-level results from NAPLAN 2018.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has named five schools in the Ipswich region that have significant and substantial average gains in their 2018 NAPLAN testing results.

For several years ACARA has released information on schools demonstrating substantially above average gains in student reading and or numeracy achievements, measured by NAPLAN as those cohorts progress from Year 3 to Year 5 and from Year 7 to Year 9.

Other schools that have succeeded in this year's NAPLAN testing:

  • Leichhardt State School, Leichhardt QLD (gain in reading Year 3-5)
  • St Mary's Primary School, Ipswich QLD (gain in reading Year 3-5)
  • Lowood State School, Lowood QLD (gain in reading Year 3-5)
  • St Mary's Primary School, Laidley, QLD, (gain in reading Year 3-5)

ACARA note improvements in reading or numeracy may be a direct consequence of a new school-based literacy or numeracy initiative.

Mr Morrison said their substantial achievements in NAPLAN results are a direct result of specific education techniques used at the prestigious school.

"The underpinning element around that success has been 'Explicit Teaching," he said. "It's a program we've introduced in the school in Prep to Year 9 that has two cornerstones."

"We work upon the principle if given the right opportunity a boy can achieve anything he wants to achieve. The other cornerstone is we set very high benchmarks for the boy - in fact, no limits."

"Early success is fantastic, it's about confidence momentum."

Mr Morrison said since the education technique was introduced, the school has seen "outstanding success" in Prep to Year 9.

He said they have also invested heavily in professional development for our teachers to ensure their skill base can support the expectations we have set.