Married At First Sight's Nadia Stamp takes a breather from the show's drama at Mooloolaba.
Married At First Sight's Nadia Stamp takes a breather from the show's drama at Mooloolaba. Warren Lynam

Nadia visits Coast to escape Married At First Sight drama

MARRIED At First Sight contestant Nadia Stamp escaped to one of her favourite places, the Sunshine Coast, for a girl's weekend to take stock of things before the drama of this week unfolded.

The Brisbane model, flight attendant and lifesaver, 36, knew it would be an intense week once Monday night's commitment ceremony episode aired, showing the fallout of her TV husband Anthony Manton's blow-up at the dinner table last week.

"People are going to have strong opinions,” Nadia said.

"It's a bit of clarity for me, getting up to the Coast.

"I'm coming into an intense week and I feel I really need to surround myself with positive vibes.”

She enjoyed a day on the beach, caught up with friends and said it was a grounding experience.

"There's a nice sense of community here,” Nadia said.

"My favourite place is Noosa National Park, it's very special. I get a lot of clarity there.”

Anthony, a race caller, caused a social media storm and was branded a "bully” after hitting out at TV bride, Cheryl Maitland, who returned to the show with a new partner, Andrew.

"She doesn't deserve a second chance,” he said on the show.

"Putting yourself in this position, though, where you're having a second time around ... you gotta get it right. You're gonna look like a f***in' idiot if you get it wrong,” Anthony told Cheryl at the table.

Nadia said she was extremely uncomfortable about the situation and afterwards had a frank discussion with Anthony about where his focus was.

"I don't condone that behaviour but Anthony is his own person,” she said, before adding he was human and humans make mistakes.

"I'm here looking for love.

"I will take as long as it takes. I'm in it to see what happens.

"But when you have an argument with your partner, how many strikes until you're out?”

Nadia said Anthony "came from a good place” and it was important people saw him in the full context, instead of what was cut and packaged into the show.

"There are some really beautiful moments you don't see,” she said.

One such moment was when he bought her a horseshoe ring, something that didn't make it to air.

"He was hurt by that,” Nadia said.

At last night's commitment ceremony, Anthony and Nadia decided to stay in the experiment for another week, despite differences the pair had noticed between each other.