The former drug abuser's crime wave included a $54,000 fraud after stealing a man's bank card.
The former drug abuser's crime wave included a $54,000 fraud after stealing a man's bank card. MAXPIXEL

Nabbed after bragging about 'spectacular' bank card fraud

A THIEF who stole a man's bank card was nabbed after using his own name to buy a motorbike during a $54,000 fraud spree.

Daniel Richard James Francis, 27, also threatened a man who was holding an eight-month-old baby before stabbing the man in the back.

Brisbane District Court on Wednesday how heard the Maroochydore man offended in six bouts over two years.

"Most spectacularly,” Judge Leanne Clare said, Francis spent $53,895 after stealing a man's bank card.

"You justified it on the basis that he was not a good person.”

Francis used the victim's card 12 times in 12 hours.

And he transferred about $85,000 more of the victim's money to the account he had access to.

But the account was frozen before Francis could continue his spending spree.

Prosecutor Sarah Klemm said Francis was caught after bragging in texts about spending the money at pawnbrokers.

And Francis used his own name when buying a motorbike with his ill-gotten gains.

The back-stabbing incident erupted after Francis demanded either drugs or money from a man who had a baby with him.

The man refused, punching Francis in the face.

That victim had to punch his way out as Francis menaced him with a pocket knife.

It was "breathtaking” to use a knife in a crime with a baby so close by, Judge Clare said.

In a separate crime, Francis attacked a man without warning in a restaurant.

He also caused commotion in Burleigh Heads, threatening to kick and kill a dog on The Esplanade.

Francis had experienced drug problems, first being exposed to illegal narcotics as a child.

"It's clear that he was in the grip of substantial drug addiction,” defence counsel Eoin Mac Giolla Ri said.

Judge Clare said she accepted Francis had sobered up in custody.

"You're to be congratulated for that.”

Francis said abusing drugs was "not an option”.

His father in Western Australia was unwell and Francis wanted to be with him.

Francis had already spent 657 days over three separate stints in custody since 2015.

He had been locked up for 501 days in a row before his sentencing.

Francis was given four and a half years jail but is eligible to apply for parole immediately. -NewsRegional