Mystery sting in Hervey Bay waters lands man in hospital

GERALD Ehrenerandtner was swimming in the waters off Torquay on Friday when he felt what he described to be a cut on the back of the knee.

"It wasn't a massive pain, just an 'ouch' feeling," he said.

Upon reaching the shore, he looked where the cut feeling was and noticed the spot had just turned slightly red.

From there, symptoms of severe sickness began to set in.

"It was just burning, so I kept playing with my kids," he said.

"About 20 minutes later, the leg started to tingle and felt weird.

"It was a pain-and-needles type of feeling.

"It quickly spread to other parts of the body."

Not long after, Mr Ehrenerandtner became severely sick and was admitted to hospital.

He was treated with marine envenomation.

Mr Ehrenerandtner's contact with what is suspected to be a jellyfish off Hervey Bay waters comes after 10 people experienced Irukandji-like symptoms in waters off the west side of Fraser Island.

Nurses measured high blood pressure on Mr Ehrenerandtner following admission.

"At one stage, I just started being hot and cold, sweating, and shaking uncontrollably," he said.

"The way I can describe it, is if someone is going cold turkey off something."

After about five hours in hospital, with plenty of pain relieving medication, Mr Ehrenerandtner had the permission to go home.

"What really surprised me, is that the symptoms didn't come instantly," he said.

"You could get stung and now actually get sick until later."

Though the level of illness felt by Mr Ehrenerandtner was on the more severe side, he said it wasn't that feeling of 'doom' that is described to be felt by victims of the Irukandji sting.

"It wouldn't stop me from going back in the Hervey Bay waters, unless there was a real infestation," Mr Ehrenerandtner said.

Now a few days later after the incident, Mr Ehrenerandtner said he is almost back to feeling normal.