My star brother slept with my wife


Ryan Giggs' brother has revealed the devastating toll the philandering footballer's affair with his wife wrought on his family.

Speaking on the Almost Famous podcast, Rhodri Giggs said that despite reports of a reconciliation since Ryan's tryst with his wife Natasha, he hasn't spoken to his brother for eight years.

The 42-year-old also revealed he hasn't spoken to his mum Lynne since the 2011 revelation.

He said she had taken Ryan's side, "because I haven't got 35 medals, I haven't played for Manchester United for 20 odd years and own a big house."

Reliving the experience, Rhodri told how he only discovered the betrayal the day it was revealed by The Sun newspaper.

"I found out on the day the papers put it out, her mum came to my house at six in the morning," he said.

Rhodri said he had "an inkling a couple of years before" but his mum had convinced him otherwise.

"It was a night of a United party and I was supposed to be meeting her and I was ringing her and she wasn't answering," he said. "I thought 'I'll know where she'll be'. I went to the party and she was in there."

Natasha Giggs appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012. (Photo by Nat Jag/Getty Images)
Natasha Giggs appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012. (Photo by Nat Jag/Getty Images)

Both Ryan and Natasha attempted to reconcile with Rhodri, with Ryan telling him the affair didn't mean anything and was "just sex". But Rhodri insisted the apology "was not real, it was all fake".

"Six months down the line he said he's going to do this, do that and then nothing has happened," Rhodri said. "He expects me just to forget it and act like things are normal but no, I went to the papers and from that day they never spoke to me."

Rhodri said he has been left hurt by his mother siding with Ryan, admitting: "It's like I've done the affair.

"I've got three children, one who's five who she's never met and one who's 13 who she hasn't seen for seven or eight years, what have they done? They live a mile away.

"Ryan's got a son who's exactly the same age, these people should be mixing with each other and looking out for each other but instead, they don't even know each other, that's the sad thing.

"I don't speak to any of my family, none of them speak to me, they all speak to Ryan and they all live in Wales and go to Wales games and have nice food and nice hospitality.

"It's what they like, I don't really get off on stuff like that, I never have … It's all pretentious crap."

Ryan (left) with Lynne and Rhodri.
Ryan (left) with Lynne and Rhodri.

Of his brother, Rhodri said: "He was a young, humble, hardworking guy, still a hardworking guy, but now a cocky, arrogant and thinks he can get away with anything type person."

The affair was first revealed in June 2011 when Natasha admitted to secretly sleeping with the former star winger over an eight-year period in an interview with The Sun on Sunday.

She claimed she had aborted Ryan's baby just weeks before she got married to Rhodri in Las Vegas.

Natasha decided to go public in 2011 after Ryan's controversial attempt to place a gagging order on Big Brother star Imogen Thomas after their six-month affair ended.

He attempted to get a High Court injunction against Imogen but his attempt to silence her fell apart after a sustained Twitter campaign resulted in an MP naming him in parliament.

Ryan Giggs and his then wife Stacey. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Ryan Giggs and his then wife Stacey. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Natasha revealed her and Ryan first began dating secretly in 2003 and continued their affair while his wife Stacey had been pregnant with their two children.

Speaking about her love affair with Ryan, she told The Sun in 2011: "At the beginning it was thrilling to know that someone as famous and as admired as Ryan wanted to be in bed with me, but by the end it became so seedy."

Natasha went on to star in Celebrity Big Brother in January 2012 and was seen openly discussing her infidelity with Ryan to her fellow housemates.

She and Rhodri had married in September 2010, but despite attempting to reconcile their relationship, Natasha filed for divorce in 2013. She shares two sons with Rhodri.

Ryan, meanwhile, split from wife of 10 years Stacey in 2017.

The Sun has contacted Ryan Giggs for comment.

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Natasha Giggs. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)
Natasha Giggs. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)