Court hears of man's 'human traffickers' rant at units.
Court hears of man's 'human traffickers' rant at units. file

'My girlfriend's a sex slave'

LEE Limb was a white knight dashing to the rescue of a damsel being kept as a sex slave in a tower. But all was not what it seemed.

The 5.08am sunrise may not have woken the Bargara residents but Limb's 5.30am yelling outside their beachside apartments did.

Limb was standing outside in the early-morning light yelling out that he needed to get inside and get a woman out, and warning that he was "a bad f**ker".

At the time, on Wednesday, October 25, Limb told police he believed his girlfriend was inside and being kept as a sex slave by traffickers.

But appearing before Bundaberg Magistrates Court by video-link from jail, a much calmer Limb said he was under a drug-induced psychosis at the time.

Lee John Limb, 34, pleaded guilty to committing public nuisance, obstructing police and possession of a knife in public.

"I just want to plead guilty. I just want to get it sorted," he told the court

Prosecutor Andrew Blunt said people in the apartments were woken by a man yelling from the street "she's in there, I need to get in and get her".

Limb briefly quietened down then resumed his yelling and police received several 000 calls.

Senior Constable Blunt said when officers arrived Limb was found on the street agitated and paranoid, seemingly affected by an intoxicating substance.

"He believed his girlfriend was inside being kept as a sex slave in the units by human traffickers," he said.

"(He said) he'd never met her, only online, and that she was held as a sex slave.

"He had two large knives and a hammer was down the front of his pants."

Snr Cnst Blunt said Limb told officers he had the weapons to protect himself because the traffickers threatened to kill him.

Asked by Magistrate Neil Lavaring what he had to say, Limb said: "Basically I was under the influence of intoxicating drugs."

"I just got out of jail. I told parole I wanted to be rehabilitated. I was in the process of getting help," Limb said.

"I was under psychosis of drugs again. I know it is not an excuse.''

Limb asked for a jail term of two months for each offence, saying he also had a full-time job.

Mr Lavaring said his main problem was Limb's prior history, including public nuisance and obstructing police.

Mr Lavaring said Limb had co-operated with the justice system and sentenced him to three month in jail on each offence. Limb is eligible for parole on December 15.