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Album review: Bliss n Eso

BLISS N Eso's fifth album really is a 'pinch yourself, we've made it' moment.

For the first time, they pay true homage to their early days of running over lyrics in their bedrooms and the album exudes a confidence I've never heard from them before.

It really is the progressive record from Flying Colours and Running on Air, that the boys set out for it to be.

In case their well-rounded and deep tracks aren't enough of an indication they've hit their stride, a collaboration with Nas is all the confirmation they need.

The Aussie hip hop outfit also played around with more samples than their previous records and teamed up with other great Aussie artists including Bluejuice, Emma Louise and Sarah Blasko, to produce a record that is a real celebration of the spoken word, whether that be through music or inspirational speeches from around the world.

I also loved Cialis Cuts, a track showcasing Ism's skills on the turntables, a treat usually reserved for fans at their live gigs.

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  • Reviewer: Nicole Fuge
  • Verdict: Four stars