MURDER TRIAL: Half naked with a hole in her head

A BLOOD-spattered wall and a bedroom in a state of chaos.

This sight greeted paramedics the day they allegedly found critically-injured Norma Ludlam lying on her bedroom floor, a court has heard.

Her blood-soaked hair and a "boggy mass" allegedly covered what scans would later reveal was a 50 cent piece-sized hole on the left side of her skull.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller told a Maryborough Supreme Court jury these injuries were the result of deadly blows dealt by her neighbour, Frederick Ronald Sinfield.

Mr Fuller told the court it was Mr Sinfield who dialled 000 on July 4, 2015.

Paramedics arrived to find Mr Sinfield standing inside Ms Ludlam's Eli Waters house, holding back a labrador-cross who "seemed to have slipped its collar".

The female officers found a woman lying on the ground, wearing zebra-striped pyjama pants with a towel draped across her chest.

They told the court Ms Ludlam was naked from the waist up and wearing a large amount of jewellery.

Mr Fuller told the court police later found the matching pyjama top in Ms Ludlam's washing machine.

He said it was alleged testing showed there was blood on the pyjama top.

The court heard Sinfield's clothes were also tested and returned a positive reading for blood.

It was also alleged Ms Ludlam's DNA was found underneath Mr Sinfield's fingernails.

Mr Fuller told the court when Mr Sinfield was quizzed by paramedics about Ms Ludlam's medical history, Mr Sinfield said he had only just started caring for her a day earlier.

However, it was alleged Mr Sinfield had previously lived with Ms Ludlam and was in the process of trying to become her carer.

Mr Sinfield pleaded not-guilty to one charge of murder.

The court is expected to hear from more witnesses, including police.