Alleged murder victim Andrew Vesey-Brown
Alleged murder victim Andrew Vesey-Brown Supplied

Murder-accused changed clothes hours after alleged stabbing

THE man accused of murdering 23-year-old Andrew Vesey-Brown outside an Auckland St unit changed his clothes at a friend's house hours after the alleged stabbing - a court has been told.

Matthew Allen Eddie Anderson was one of many witnesses to give evidence in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Wednesday during the committal hearing of Anthony Lee Smits.

Mr Smits is accused of fatally stabbing Mr Vesey-Brown outside a unit at 251 Auckland St on July 10, 2017.

Mr Smits faces one charge of murder.

Mr Vesey-Brown was alleged to have been stabbed about 6.30pm outside his unit after a visit from Mr Smits.

In court Mr Anderson gave evidence that on the day of the alleged offending Mr Smits visited his house between 7pm and 8.30pm - just hours after the alleged stabbing.

Mr Anderson told the court he offered Mr Smits some alcohol.

The court was told Mr Smits was visiting a woman named Tallara Broomham, who was staying at Mr Anderson's house that day.

During his evidence Mr Anderson said Mr Smits appeared to be "upset".

"I thought he had had a fight with someone," Mr Anderson told the court.

"He said to me, did you hear about what happened on Auckland St?" Mr Anderson said Mr Smits told him he had "been there".

Mr Anderson said he read about the news of the stabbing on The Observer's website.

"I said to him (Mr Smits) if you have been down there, I can't have (you) here at my place," Mr Anderson said to the court.

Mr Anderson said when Mr Smits arrived at his house, he was wearing a long-sleeved fishing shirt and a pair of boardshorts.

"They (Mr Smits' clothing) were left in the spare room, he changed into some clean clothes," Mr Anderson said.

Mr Anderson said he gave Mr Smits money for a cab home later that night.

Ms Broomham also gave evidence during the hearing. She appeared via video link from in jail.

Ms Broomham said she could not recall much of the conversation she had with Mr Smits when he came to visit on that day.

However, the court was told in her statement to police, Ms Broomham said Mr Smits told her it might be the last time she saw him for a while.

Mr Vesey-Brown's girlfriend at the time, Kodie Renfrey, also gave evidence on Wednesday and said her partner had been stabbed while he was outside the unit with Mr Smits.

During her evidence Ms Renfrey said the men had gone out around 4.30pm to look for a man named George Kirk.

She said when the men arrived home Mr Smits was invited to stay for dinner.

Ms Renfrey said Mr Smits walked outside and Mr Vesey-Brown followed.

She told the court her partner ran back inside and told her to call an ambulance because he had been stabbed.

It was reported Mr Vesey-Brown was found in the unit complex car park by emergency service staff with a stab wound to the left side of his chest.

Emergency services performed CPR at the scene and on the way to the hospital but Mr Vesey-Brown was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The committal hearing was adjourned to October 18.