Debbie Combarngo was killed inside her Wilsonton home.
Debbie Combarngo was killed inside her Wilsonton home.

Mum's murder led Toowoomba woman into crime spree

THE trauma from her mother's murder had led to a Toowoomba woman embarking on a crime spree, the city's District Court has been told.

Claudia Joyce Combarngo had been present when her mother Debbie Combarngo was allegedly attacked and killed on May 6 last year, her barrister Clare O'Connor said.

Her client had also been assaulted at the time, she said.

"She fears her life will never be the same," Ms O'Connor submitted.

Months after the incident from August to October, the 20-year-old had committed a number of offences, including stealing property, unlawfully using motor vehicles culminating in her leading police on a short chase after she stole a vehicle in Toowoomba and drove it to Oakey, ignoring police directions to pull over.

On that night in September she had knocked on the door of an Oakey resident who offered to help her, only for Combarngo to pull a steak knife out and threaten the man, prosecutor Grace Ollason said.

Combarngo, who had spent 68 days in pre-sentence custody, pleaded guilty to all 15 offences.

Ms O'Connor said her client intended returning to Chinchilla where she had family.

Chief Judge Kerry O'Brien sentenced Combarngo to the 68 days she had already served and placed her on two years probation and disqualified her from driving for two years.