Mum's meth dose for deportation stress backfires

A MUM who was still feeling anxious about her defacto being held by immigration authorities was busted driving when unlicensed.

She also had the drug ice in her system.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Sheryl Moses was feeling stressed because her partner of seven years had been moved on his release from jail and held in an immigration centre to be extradited to New Zealand.

Police intercepted the car she was driving at Wacol for a random alcohol and drug test.

A licence check revealed she was unlicensed due to an accumulation of unpaid fines.

Sheryl Newman Moses, 34, from Pacific Pines, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to drug driving (methylamphetamine) at Wacol on December 21; and driving when suspended by SPER.

Her defence lawyer said Moses had taken the drug two days before police intercepted her and did not feel affected at the time.

The lawyer said Moses was stressed at the time because her partner was set to be deported.

"She self-medicated for the way she was feeling and made the unfortunate decision," the lawyer said.

"She is a single mother who gets no financial assistance."

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Moses had a poor traffic history.

"If you need a licence you have got to value it, and the road rules," Ms Sturgess said.

"I accept you were facing difficulties and your partner was about to be deported.

"You've thrown your licence away for nine months because of the decisions you have made."

Ms Sturgess fined Moses $900. She was disqualified from driving for nine months.

Moses received a warning not to drive in that time as she would be disqualified for two years.