This mum has figured out how to make her jars last longer.
This mum has figured out how to make her jars last longer.

Mum's hack to stop food going mouldy

A British mum has claimed she stores jars upside down in the fridge to stop them going mouldy, and the experts agree.

The mum shared a bizarre snap of her fridge door on Facebook, showing all her jars neatly stacked with the lids facing down, The Sun reported.

Writing on Facebook group The Prepped Mama, she claimed this method also prevented waste as the food lasted longer.

She said: "A great tip to stop food in jars from going mouldy once you open them is to store them upside down in the fridge.

"It seals them and stops them from going bad, which saves you time and money."

Fellow mums praised her for sharing her advice, with one saying: "I did this with my last jar of tomato paste and got through a whole jar before it went mouldy."

While this method may seem like it would cause a mess, experts explained how it could help your food last longer.

Senior food microbiology consultant with CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Cathy Moir, told the Mail: "By turning the jar upside down, that surface where a mould may have landed when you opened the jar is now squashed against the lid without much air and it will find it more difficult to grow."

She added this tip worked best with thick foods such as pasta sauce, salsa and tomato paste.

And to increase shelf life as much as possible, Ms Moir recommended using a clean spoon every time you dipped into the jar and leaving the lid off for as little time as possible.

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