The Ipswich Vipers Opens netball team playing in this year's SEQ Cup competition.
The Ipswich Vipers Opens netball team playing in this year's SEQ Cup competition.

Mum's extra joy seeing Ipswich team improve and win

NETBALL: As a mum and supportive coach, Peta Verdasco was pleased to see her players enjoy their breakthrough QPL victory so much.

Her reaction also provided some valuable insights into coaching a developing side.

"I am just so proud of how they have come together as a team,'' she said.

"Each of the players brings their own style and strengths to a team.

"As a coach you need to be able to work with and combine all of the players' strengths into a winning combination. We still have a long way to go but I think that the hard work, determination and dedication that these girls are bringing to their games, it is commendable.''

After the last-gasp 38-37 win over Downey Park, the Vipers face Carina on Thursday night.

Verdasco said the next stage of her team's development in a higher level competition was learning from first-round games.

"As we start the rounds again this week, our aim will be if we are not taking the win that we are making sure the difference in points is a lot closer than the first time we played each team,'' she said.

"I am just thankful that I get to work with such a great group of young women.

"It really has been such a pleasure to coach the Vipers and I am keen for many more seasons to come.''

Verdasco praised her team's training partners Emma Crilly and her daughter Hailea for their contributions.

"Emma and Hailea turn up to every training and game they can working on their skills and development so that they are ready to join the team if any injuries occur,'' the coach said.

"Their constant support and commitment is just another reflection of how much this team has bonded and is now working together in a massive group effort to be the best team we can be.''