Mum's best friend steals her husband and ruins her life

It isn't long ago that *Mindy was spending nearly every day at her best friend *Tina's home.

Back then Tina was the Queensland mum-of-four's biggest supporter - especially when things with Mindy's then-partner *Robert began spiralling out of control.

They were such good friends that Tina was Mindy's first pick to be her now-four-year-old daughter's godmother.

It was at the baptism that Tina first began talking to Robert, Mindy tells Kidspot.

Soon they were messaging constantly behind Mindy's back.

In the end, Tina left her husband to be with Robert - which is when the nightmare really started for Mindy.

Mindy and Robert's relationship had been strained for a long time - after he began isolating her from friends and family.

He hated her going to work and made sure to always drive her to and from the office so he always knew where she was.

Pretty soon everything Mindy did became an opportunity for criticism.

"If stayed up later than him, I was told I was a horrible person and I was leaving him alone," she says.

"But when I would try to give him a kiss goodnight, he would just complain that I was blocking the TV.

"When I thought I was going into labour with our daughter, he forced me to walk the hour home from hospital by myself in my pyjamas."

But when Robert and Tina got together shortly after Mindy's daughter's baptism, things kicked into another gear.

Mindy remembers one day when she went to pick up the two kids from a sleepover at Robert's house.

"They refused to hand them over, she grabbed my daughter and wouldn't let go," she says.

"If I fought to grab my daughter, then she could have fallen and cracked her head on the tiles.

"My ex had already put my son in the car.

"I tried to report it - but the judge threw out both family reports and everything involving the domestic violence.

"Instead, I was forced to be supervised by them at their home if I wanted to see my kids."

Mindy says that Robert and Tina did more than just stop her from seeing her kids when she wanted to.

She alleges that they broke into her home twice - once to take Mindy's daughter's belongings and a second time to delete Facebook messages.

They stalked her in public, and at work, and made abusive phone calls.

Tina also made a public Facebook post slamming Mindy for being an irresponsible parent.

She also commented on posts that Mindy had made with similar allegations.

Although Mindy says the things Tina accused her of aren't true - she knows that doesn't matter to anyone reading it.

In the years since the post was made, Tina and Robert have split up.

But Mindy doesn't believe this has made Tina see the error of her ways.

"I honestly don't think she understands or cares what she's done," she says.

"She went back to blaming me for everything."

As for the Facebook post - Mindy has no idea if it is still live as she has been blocked by Tina.

One thing she is sure of is that people around town haven't forgotten it.

For a while, Mindy moved away from town - only moving back when her son started kindergarten.

"Since I've been back I get super scared all the time, my anxiety is through the roof," she says.

"I'm terrified I will be judged on the horrible rumours that came from Tina's post.

"Even my new partner's friends have said that they had heard about it.

"The only thing I can do is try to be the bigger person - because kids pick up on everything."

*Names have been changed

If you or someone you know is experiencing a similar situation at home, help is available. Contact 1800 RESPECT, White Ribbon or alternatively, click here to see a variety of support services available by state. If you believe you are in immediate danger, please contact police on 000.

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.