Mums band together to create new baby wear

Ipswich entrepreneurs and best friends Jacqui Elliott and Nicole Burns, who have six young children between them, have addressed what they see as an opportunity in the market by creating a new range of luxury newborn wraps and accessories.

Jacqui said she and her friend and business partner Nicole came to the project with a thirst to deliver amazing products for mums and bubs.

“Swaddling is one of the oldest tricks in the book to settle a newborn and helps them to sleep well, but we both found it impossible to come by wraps that were effective, high quality and stylish,” Jacqui said.

“Nicole and I found most wraps weren’t big enough, had little stretch to them and came in an extremely limited colour palette and range of patterns.”

Jacqui said Earth Child’s first collection pays tribute to Australia, featuring earthy colours, designs and sophisticated native floral prints.

“As experienced mothers, we knew exactly what was missing when our babies were newborns,” Jacqui said.

“We wanted to find a solution for these issues and we also really wanted to help new mums to feel more stylish when they were out and about with their baby.”

The idea behind Earth Child had been bubbling away in the back of Jacqui’s mind – even more so when her recruitment firm was affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Jacqui turned to her friend of more than 15 years, Nicole to create Earth Child.

“Being pregnant and having a new baby is a really exciting moment in a woman’s life,” Nicole said.

“But we are living in a time when pregnant women and new mums need to be very careful – sadly lot of pregnant women are missing out on both a traditional baby shower and the opportunity to show off their new baby in person to family and friends.

“Our range of Earth Child products aid these new mums by offering luxurious baby shower gifts that can be purchased online and delivered straight to a new mum’s front door.

“We are extremely proud of what we’ve developed, and we know mums will love the fabric and style of our wraps. We can’t wait to share it with mums and their beautiful babies across the country.”

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